Business Started. Now What? Raise Money!

I became a patent pending inventor in December 2016. I blush. I am proud of this accomplishment. It’s the first invention I prayed for and had the money to invest in. It all came together. So I thought!

My dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur and inventor has come to a screeching halt. The smoke has not settled yet. That’s how recent it has happened.

I am out of funds. Now, mind you I have a part-time job at a local hobby store. However, it only pays for my credit cards and car payment. I usually do not have any money left over. If I do have money left over it is because I put in more hours than normal. Of course, that’s if they did not cut my hours for the week. If that happens, I don’t have money and have to rely on my husband to pay my bills. I really don’t care to do that.

I did like most people who want to raise money, I started a Kickstarter campaign and a Fundme campaign. I had no results. Not only did I not get any supporters from those campaigns but I lack the support, financially and emotionally I guess, from my family or friends. Not even my husband will invest in my invention.

Everyone loves my invention when they see it in action. To look at it you really can’t tell what it is or what it does. So I need a whiteboard explainer video right? That took me to a website called At this website you can hire and or pay for services at a cost of five dollars and up. It’s a great way for business startups to get some services done.

During my six months of membership at, I encountered some shady characters. I encountered people who did not know what they were doing. I also found a few diamonds. I purchased a logo for my parent company Vengeance Innovations and Designs LLC from one talented artist. I use it on my business cards.

I still have not received a whiteboard explainer video because when I tried to change my password I was locked out of my account. After what seemed like 1 million emails back and forth to their support department, I gave up on the account. I no longer use it.

That all being said, tax season came around in 2017. My husband and I split any tax return we may happen to get. So I got around $1200 and invested all of it into starting my business as Vengeance Innovations and Designs LLC dba The Wonder Sleeve. I used all of that money to pay for business licenses for the state and the city and the county. I also bought more supplies to make more sleeves.

That was back in March and April of this year, 2017. Because of some added stress of health issues I encountered this year in May it put a toll on my paycheck. I had to rely on my husband again to pay my bills.

I’m telling you all of this because I am looking for an investor. I know I have a good product. With the right investor, I know it would be a great success. I need help and I need someone to believe in me and my product.

All the best,