Hair Today.

Getting my hair done today at Lauren Ray Salon. By Erin.  Another customer came in for a haircut and now I’m just sitting here with chemicals in my hair. I know I shouldn’t complain. But whatever. At least I can write a new blog post.

I always wait four to six months before getting a haircut and color. There’s usually two to three inches of new growth. Hate it. Then it costs me over $140 to get it done. 


Husband’s company Christmas party tonight. Got nails done yesterday. I didn’t buy anything new to wear, but do need to get new makeup. I really don’t want to go. I’m so self conscious about my weight. I hate to go to events like this. Do you hear me screaming? 😰

The things we do for our husbands. 

See ya later.



Elections 2016- my thoughts

November 8, 2016 10:38 AM

Lucky you, this makes three today.

Today is election day 2016. Candidates on the ballot are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Fox News banner reads Trump’s potential role as Republican power broker with Charles Krauthammer. Scenes of the Clintons making their votes today. Everyone is awaiting Donald Trump to cast his ballot today.

I am a late bloomer when it comes to voting. I did not start voting until about eight years ago when I met and married my husband and he is very knowledgeable of and into politics. I pretty much voted what he voted. I didn’t have any knowledge of Council members, laws, or issues at hand. Eight years later however I don’t know a whole lot but I know more than then.

That being said, I don’t really get why a country who hasn’t really made any progress in the last eight years, has incurred a tremendous debt, would consider another four years with a woman who apparently is above the law. Anyone coming against her or her family wind up dead. And I don’t know why the news media doesn’t report that. Well I guess I do and that’s because the media is owned or operated by the government. So it would only make sense that they would give us the information they think will keep us at peace.

Now I don’t think Donald Trump is not guilty of many things least of all sexual harassment. I’m sure he could pay a lot of money to get out of some type of sexual harassment lawsuit. With that said I think he is a good candidate because of his business background. While the other leaders are all politically minded, they have no business sense. You have to run the, country like a business. When people get into a governmental office for political gain they’re looking for wealth and fame. They really have no intention, as the Clintons, in running this country for the people.

Now of course this is all my opinion and I’m sure you have yours. Fox News is running another headline “for the first time since 1972 both major party candidates will watch election unfold in New York City the Clintons on Manhattan’s West side and Trump at Hilton Hotel in midtown”. Like a lot of people I am watching Fox news report of the elections.

I just feel that we need to get the Obama and Clinton rain out of our government. I believe that the Clintons are radicals within our own country, and I know that’s a strong word, and I’m sure someone’s got to say something about it. They do not have the foundation of America in their hearts. They feel like ‘can everybody just get along’. And yes we should all seek peace, but not at the expense of the foundation, the very foundation that this country was founded on by our forefathers. No one should come against what America was built on. That includes God’s word, the Bible.

If anyone comes into this country seeking harm and does not seek assimilation with in our law structure and government, in my opinion, they should just leave and go back to their home country. We do not go into their countries and try and change it. If we were to do so, what do you think would happen to us? We probably would not be heard of again.

Again, just my opinions.

See you later,



The Holidays ar’a Comin’

I’M NOT READY!!! Are you?

I was doing some housecleaning, not true. I was doing some research, that’s true. I’ve been trying to work out this plan of starting my own designing business ORrrr writing some books – I keep putting off.

We just moved to our retirement home in Lake County, FL. It’s our dream home. We have 2000 square feet of space. The last house was 1200 sq. ft. We have a screened in pool now. The deep end is nine feet down. There’s the dock, empty. Our boat hasn’t made it here yet. There’s a gazebo and a garden, already plotted out, next to it.

The temperature hit 55 degrees (F) last night. Halloween is almost here. Boxes are still full. Holiday boxes and totes haven’t made it here. We have two more storage units to move over, but we’re already running out of room at the new house. My studio could use some shelving and I have an idea for that. I think it’s the least expensive method of storage.

With all the holiday stuff still in storage, I either have to improvise or shop for new stuff. I haven’t had the time to even think much about it, unless I’m at work where we sell holiday decor.  Anyway, I’ve bought some things, little things to decorate with, but it’s not much at all.

I need to get in gear and get started. We have a Holiday Feast & Gathering Party in November. I need a menu, decorations, plates/flatware, etc…  I still have to get the boxes empty that are in the house. Or, at least, I should move them to the garage.

I took time off school to “find myself”, change my image, find my brand and become it. Transforming myself into the person, or image, I have wanted for a while now. I have to do it now. It’s my shot. It’s my time.

See you in the stars!



Keeping UP

Hi Everyone,

I wish I could say that my new year got off to a great start, but that would not be true.  On New Year’s Eve I had to call 911 for my boss.  Two days later I was calling them for my brother-in-law.  He had a massive heart attack and even died after they got to the hospital.  If it wasn’t for his life vest from Zoll (, he wouldn’t have made it.

I visited him everyday he was in the hospital. They put a pacemaker (Boston Scientific) inside of him.  It is the only thing keeping his heart pumping.  Without the pacemaker, his heart would only be working at 15%.

Before his heart attack, he sat at his desktop computer and played games or watched TV.  He didn’t do anything.  He ended up with diabetes and other issues.  His heart doctor finally got him a vest to wear that kept track of his heart rhythm.  Zoll vests are a great product for patients who suffer from irregular heart rhythms.  It has a built in defibrillator that may shock the person back to life.

According to their website, “The LifeVest wearable defibrillator is worn by patients at risk for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), providing protection during their changing condition and while permanent SCA risk has not been established. The LifeVest allows a patient’s physician time to assess their long-term arrhythmic risk and make appropriate plans.”

I’m not being paid to write this post, but I will say that if it weren’t for Zoll’s life vest, Jim, would not be here today.

I’m hoping that this event will speak volumes to my husband and get him to thinking about his health, or should I say, our health.  We start our new diet tomorrow.

Another piece of interesting news, there have been a lot of people around me either dying, getting sick, having heart attacks, etc.  What’s up with that?  It’s just too close to home for me.  And you know, it all comes in threes.  Found out that my high school boyfriend was in the hospital for a heart attack as well.  Geez!  Enough already!  His advice, “stop eating fast foods”!  For real, people.  Eat organic!  Don’t eat sugar!

That’s another post for another time.  Be brave my friends and eat healthy.


Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning time!

I know, I know, everyone’s doing that right now.  Of course, they’re Spring cleaning consists of cleaning out the closet, the garage or the storage room.  My Spring cleaning is all about my websites.  It’s a little geeky, but these things need attention, too.

Yep, you heard me, “my websites” need cleaned.  I have already performed a reformat a couple of months ago.  But what I’m specifically speaking of is cleaning up my websites –  out with the old and in with the new, right?

So, I headed over to where I keep my website templates, I have updated my site named “The Mitchell Collection”.  I have an account at Image Kind that has been cleaned out and updated.

Last month, I donated three of my fine art pieces to my charity where my brother happens to be the president of the county chapter.  I sold all of them.  I’m really excited about that.  That’s what prompted me to clean up my sites.

So, go check out The Mitchell Collection website and store all cleaned up. 🙂

‘Til next time… may the path you are on lead to success!



Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014

Great title, huh?

I don’t really have an agenda for writing tonight.  I actually just wanted to share that my one and only son is turning 30 on October 11.  I have been given the go ahead to plan his birthday party at my house.

When my son lived here while going to college, I had poker parties at least once a month.  Some of his friends came over; as well as his cousins.  We always have a great time.

This year, I’m not doing anything big.  I’m just going to serve food and drinks and plan some games for everyone.  Oh and I’m sure someone will play beer pong.  Off to the internet for some ideas.  Wish me luck!

For the Past Three Weeks…

I have been sick.  I had a normal cold.  It ran it’s course, I thought.  And then, when I was about well, here comes the flu.  Not just for me, but for my husband and my son.  They’re sick now too.  But I was hit really hard.  On Sunday, within 6 hours, I went from a light sore throat to chills, to fever, to vomiting.  I lay helpless at the hand of germs from wherever they came.  They enthralled their weapon of sickness upon me and I began to whither away into captivity.  Still now, I have a sore throat, stuffy nose, coughing, my throat is swollen and I’m coughing up green mucus mixed with blood.  Not sure if that’s really normal.  I found some antibiotics and have started taking them.  We’ll see if that helps at all.

Thanks for letting me share this less than pretty circumstance.

In love and light,


Crossing the Line

Two days ago I had a dream about a woman who was being flirtatious with my husband.  She claimed to be a big flirt.  I pointed my finger at her and said, “There’s a fine line and you’ve just crossed it”.

And for the past two days, this message has been popping up throughout the day in one way or another.

Are these messages from the Universe?  Are they telling me I’m about to cross the line with someone?  Or, is someone else about to cross the line with me?

We face all kinds of situations throughout our day where we have to bite our tongues, or turn the other cheek. 

I believe it’s important for each of us to know our limits and to know when to stop.

We see the outbursts and uncontrolled behaviour in bullies everyday.  No matter where we are, school, work, gym, or home.  Bullying is on the rise.

Where do children learn to bully?  Perhaps at home or even by a teacher or other students? 

According to Psychology Today, Understanding Bullying:


“Bullying is a distinctive pattern of deliberately harming and humiliating others. It’s a very durable behavioral style, largely because bullies get what they want—at least at first. Bullies are made, not born, and it happens at an early age, if the normal aggression of two-year-olds isn’t handled well.

Bullies couldn’t exist without victims, and they don’t pick on just anyone; those singled out lack assertiveness and radiate fear long before they ever encounter a bully. No one likes a bully, but no one likes a victim either. Grown-up bullies wreak havoc in their relationships and in the workplace.”  (

I was bullied in school and I’ve even tried bullying someone else.  I was shy and kids thought they could pick on me and get away with it.  And, they did.  When I tried bullying someone else, it backfired.  But that was when I was young and dumb.

Now, as an adult woman, I stand up for myself.  I don’t pick on others.  And other than my family picking on me, I don’t have any kind of altercations.  Nor do I want any.

But in our adult lives we have been thrown into a situation that hurdles us into a reaction of ‘crossing the line’.

What about the time when a woman touched your partner in a way that was ‘crossing the line’?  Or vice versa?  Or cheating on a test is ‘crossing the line’.  Then, the consequences become evident.

Whatever the case may be one must never ‘cross the line’.



A Dreamy Presence

A few days ago we were dog sitting for some friends.  They have five large dogs.  They all have their own personalities and are very sweet.  But that’s not what this blog is about.

My husband and I started dog sitting for our friends about four years ago.  They live in a gated community and have a nice home with a pool and four bedrooms.  We enjoy staying there.

Since the beginning of this endeavor I have always felt a presence there.  Sometimes while I was outside with the dogs a breeze would rush by me and I could feel this presence.  I have had nightmares while there.

This past week was no exception to the nightmares either. 

It was Friday night and my husband and I were watching a ‘ghostly’ movie.  I wasn’t that scary.  We actually picked it apart.  Like, commenting on how scary movies always have monkeys with cymbals clanging, old porcelain dolls, and spooky clowns.  Oh, and let’s not forget the rocking chair rocking with no one sitting in it.

After I watch any kind of scary movie, I always have to watch a movie, or show, that is upbeat and funny (like The Nanny).  Just something that gets my thoughts off the scary movie.

We went to bed around midnight and turned the TV on so I could think about something more positive before going to sleep.

We were sleeping for about 2 hours or so and I started dreaming.  I can’t remember the specifics other than one part.  I was outside looking up at the sky when I saw this face inside a symbol floating.  It went from the left to the right.

The dream itself wasn’t scary.  But there was a presence in the dream.  It was an eerie, dark presence.

I woke up shaking.  I pushed my husband and told him to wake up because I just had a nightmare.   I was shaking.  My chin was quivering.  My body was jerking and twitching.  He rolled over and held me until I went back to sleep.  I felt safe in his arms.

Later my husband told me that when I woke him up and told him about the dream I said to him that no one else could see it, but me.  I don’t remember telling him this.

All I know is that there was a presence in my dream and I believe there is one in our friend’s house.

I’m intrigued with dreams.  I believe they bring us messages from the other side, from God, or even from our subconscious.  Dreams help us to improve an area in our lives.  Or, they warn us about impending dangers.

So, next time you dream, write it down.  Start a dream journal and a dream dictionary.  Dreaming about a truck blowing a tire doesn’t necessarily mean that is what will happen exactly.  A truck in your dream may mean one thing for you and it could mean something completely different for me.

Conquer your fears and explore everything!

In love and light,