Crossing the Line

Two days ago I had a dream about a woman who was being flirtatious with my husband.  She claimed to be a big flirt.  I pointed my finger at her and said, “There’s a fine line and you’ve just crossed it”.

And for the past two days, this message has been popping up throughout the day in one way or another.

Are these messages from the Universe?  Are they telling me I’m about to cross the line with someone?  Or, is someone else about to cross the line with me?

We face all kinds of situations throughout our day where we have to bite our tongues, or turn the other cheek. 

I believe it’s important for each of us to know our limits and to know when to stop.

We see the outbursts and uncontrolled behaviour in bullies everyday.  No matter where we are, school, work, gym, or home.  Bullying is on the rise.

Where do children learn to bully?  Perhaps at home or even by a teacher or other students? 

According to Psychology Today, Understanding Bullying:


“Bullying is a distinctive pattern of deliberately harming and humiliating others. It’s a very durable behavioral style, largely because bullies get what they want—at least at first. Bullies are made, not born, and it happens at an early age, if the normal aggression of two-year-olds isn’t handled well.

Bullies couldn’t exist without victims, and they don’t pick on just anyone; those singled out lack assertiveness and radiate fear long before they ever encounter a bully. No one likes a bully, but no one likes a victim either. Grown-up bullies wreak havoc in their relationships and in the workplace.”  (

I was bullied in school and I’ve even tried bullying someone else.  I was shy and kids thought they could pick on me and get away with it.  And, they did.  When I tried bullying someone else, it backfired.  But that was when I was young and dumb.

Now, as an adult woman, I stand up for myself.  I don’t pick on others.  And other than my family picking on me, I don’t have any kind of altercations.  Nor do I want any.

But in our adult lives we have been thrown into a situation that hurdles us into a reaction of ‘crossing the line’.

What about the time when a woman touched your partner in a way that was ‘crossing the line’?  Or vice versa?  Or cheating on a test is ‘crossing the line’.  Then, the consequences become evident.

Whatever the case may be one must never ‘cross the line’.




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