A Dreamy Presence

A few days ago we were dog sitting for some friends.  They have five large dogs.  They all have their own personalities and are very sweet.  But that’s not what this blog is about.

My husband and I started dog sitting for our friends about four years ago.  They live in a gated community and have a nice home with a pool and four bedrooms.  We enjoy staying there.

Since the beginning of this endeavor I have always felt a presence there.  Sometimes while I was outside with the dogs a breeze would rush by me and I could feel this presence.  I have had nightmares while there.

This past week was no exception to the nightmares either. 

It was Friday night and my husband and I were watching a ‘ghostly’ movie.  I wasn’t that scary.  We actually picked it apart.  Like, commenting on how scary movies always have monkeys with cymbals clanging, old porcelain dolls, and spooky clowns.  Oh, and let’s not forget the rocking chair rocking with no one sitting in it.

After I watch any kind of scary movie, I always have to watch a movie, or show, that is upbeat and funny (like The Nanny).  Just something that gets my thoughts off the scary movie.

We went to bed around midnight and turned the TV on so I could think about something more positive before going to sleep.

We were sleeping for about 2 hours or so and I started dreaming.  I can’t remember the specifics other than one part.  I was outside looking up at the sky when I saw this face inside a symbol floating.  It went from the left to the right.

The dream itself wasn’t scary.  But there was a presence in the dream.  It was an eerie, dark presence.

I woke up shaking.  I pushed my husband and told him to wake up because I just had a nightmare.   I was shaking.  My chin was quivering.  My body was jerking and twitching.  He rolled over and held me until I went back to sleep.  I felt safe in his arms.

Later my husband told me that when I woke him up and told him about the dream I said to him that no one else could see it, but me.  I don’t remember telling him this.

All I know is that there was a presence in my dream and I believe there is one in our friend’s house.

I’m intrigued with dreams.  I believe they bring us messages from the other side, from God, or even from our subconscious.  Dreams help us to improve an area in our lives.  Or, they warn us about impending dangers.

So, next time you dream, write it down.  Start a dream journal and a dream dictionary.  Dreaming about a truck blowing a tire doesn’t necessarily mean that is what will happen exactly.  A truck in your dream may mean one thing for you and it could mean something completely different for me.

Conquer your fears and explore everything!

In love and light,



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