Near Death Experiences

I’ve been hearing how people who have had near death experiences, or who have died and came back to life, come back with some type of supernatural ability; whether it is seeing or hearing ghosts or other phenomena.

I was eight years old when I had my first experience with death.

I had contracted hepatitus type A and was dying in the hospital. 

My mom said the room smelled like death and that I was a greenish color.

At 16 years of age I had my first and only OBE (out of body experience) induced by drugs.  It wasn’t a drug I had taken intentionally.

In 1999, I was 37 and was in a car accident.  My neck was broken along with my left foot and right clavicle (collar bone).  I can’t recall the first three days of the accident.

So, with at least two near death experiences, where are the psychic abilities I’m suppose to have?  I don’t see ghosts, nor do I hear them.  I don’t see or hear anything in the natural.

Is God protecting me from those memories?  If so, why?  Would the experiences be horrific for me if I did remember them?  Did I see a light?  Did I see torment in the darkness?   Did I meet anyone specifically?

If I did have any of the experiences one is suppose to have, why can’t I remember?  Should I try to remember?  How would I remember?

So many questions with no answers in sight.  I will keep looking.



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